Intelligent immunoinformatics in precision medicine
ImmunoMind is leveraging immunology with AI technologies that drive early monitoring, diagnostics and treatment of oncological and autoimmune diseases
Intelligent products for precision immunology
Leveraging research in cancer immunology, autoimmune and infectious diseases, transplantology, ageing — and beyond
In silico extraction of disease footprints - sequence motifs
of immune receptors
Flexible technology for motif discovery in any sequential data

– Identify genetic subsequences with biological meaning in immune repertoire
– Extraction of disease-associated clonotypes for autoimmune and infectious disease research
– Extraction of tumor-associated clonotypes for cancer immunology research
Prediction of peptide-MHC I binding affinity

Speed-up and improve the quality of vaccine design, immunotherapy and cancer immunology research

– Accurate and fast large-scale predictions of the peptide-MHC I binding affinities for all known alleles
– Identification of peptide sequential patterns associated with binding
– Easily fits in your research pipeline
Core technology
Bringing together comprehensive data and state-of-the-art technologies
Deep Learning for sequence motif discovery
The core technology is designed to identify sequences with biological meaning, based on our proprietary deep neural network algorithms
GPU-powered parallel computations
All algorithms use graphics processors. As a result we process data faster than common bioinformatics software
Biomedical data analysis
A state-of-the-art machine learning approach for immune receptor research and biomedical data science as a service
High quality data
Trusted partners' data preprocessed with our noise correction algorithmic framework
ImmunoMind Comes to ECI'18 with Three Works
The code will be published on GitHub soon.
ImmunoMind White Paper release
ImmunoMind is proud to present White Paper with detailed description of our products and vision. We've received a lot of questions about our current direction of development, and, finally, we are ready to reveal our plans to business and research communities.
ImmunoMind Seed Round
ImmunoMind secures seed investment round. Recently we've had a stunning breakthrough in research that lies on the cusp between Immunology and Deep Learning. This enables us to begin to incorporate these findings into our product line.
Our partners
We are looking for brilliant minds set to fight the most sophisticated problems from a range of biomedical domains. Our main office is located in Moscow, Russia.

  • Data Engineer
  • Senior / Middle Deep Learning Researcher
  • Senior / Middle Bioinformatics Researcher (R / Python)
  • Immunobiologist
Sales & marketing

  • Sales & marketing manager
  • Communications manager

  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Full-stack developer
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