Democratizing single-cell precision medicine
AI-powered platform for ultra-fast discovery of biomarkers that increase the success rate of drug development programs using single-cell immunogenomics technologies

Moonshot startup from UC Berkeley SkyDeck.
Trusted by Pfizer, Novartis, UCSF, Stanford, MIT, MD Anderson Cancer Center, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the global community of 30,000 medical scientists and researchers worldwide
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Would like to increase the success rate of existing or new drugs using single-cell immunogenomics biomarkers? We can help on each stage of the drug development pipeline.
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Biomarker discovery computations speed-up
6 hr / day

Saving medical researchers' time otherwise spent on writing bioinformatics pipelines and infrastructure management

Less spendings on computations due to the cost-effective algorithms

Hours spent on building the complex synergy between single-cell and T-cell / antibody repertoire domains – we already built it
Our customers love us
The Immunarch platform has been incredibly helpful with analyzing and interpreting our immunogenomics data. When I reached out with questions, Vadim (Co-Founder/ CEO ImmunoMind) was very helpful and responsive. I'm grateful to ImmunoMind for making this critical immunogenomics analysis program.

Senior Researcher, TOP-10 Pharma company
Using the Immunarch platform has been extremely helpful in producing beautiful publication ready plots for visualizing how clonotypes change across different timepoints. The platform takes hours off data analysis by providing a tool to easily analyze multiple data files and run biomarker discovery in a very smooth and quick way.
Molly B. El Alam, MPH
Research Assistant, Department of Radiation Oncology, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson
I used the platform to analyse TCR expression in RNAseq data from human skin. It is very handy even without strong prior knowledge in programming and R!
Irène Gallais, PhD, MD
Dermatologist in Besancon University Hospital France, affiliated to CMM, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
ImmunArch provided me a great and intuitive platform to analyze my TCRseq data, especially sharing of clones, and TCR similarity index.
Vincent van Unen, PhD
Stanford University
Helping on each stage of the drug development pipeline
Bringing forward new generation of precision medicines using single-cell immunogenomics technologies
– Foundational tools for making single-cell medicines
– Quality control
– Novel target identification that informs drug screening strategies
– Evaluate toxicity and potential side effects
– Prioritize better drug candidates
– Drug repurposing
– Reveal drug resistance and sensitivity
– Better patient stratification, disease monitoring and companion diagnostics
– Assess pretreatment effects and search for combination therapy
AI platform for precision drug discovery

Automated discovery. AI-assisted drug development and biomarker discovery from single-cell immunogenomics.
Easy-to-use platform. The platform allows medical scientists without rare-to-find skills to identify biomarkers.
Flexible infrastructure. State-of-the-art infrastructure technologies for seamless management of large-scale biomarker discovery on both cloud and on-premise.
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