Intelligent immunoinformatics in precision medicine
ImmunoMind is leveraging immunology with AI technologies that drive early monitoring of autoimmune diseases
Intelligent technologies for precision immunology
Leveraging research in autoimmune diseases — and beyond
Deep Learning for immunology

The core technology is designed to identify sequences with biological meaning, based on our proprietary deep neural network algorithms
High quality data

Trusted partners' data preprocessed with our noise correction algorithmic framework

ImmunoMind Comes to ECI'18 with Three Works
ImmunoMind comes to the largest conference on immunology in Europe with three works focused on application of Deep Learning to immunobiology.
ImmunoMind White Paper release
ImmunoMind is proud to present White Paper with detailed description of our products and vision. We've received a lot of questions about our current direction of development, and, finally, we are ready to reveal our plans to business and research communities.
Our partners
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